Thursday, 19 July 2012

Onwards, ever onwards!

Hello all,Here's an update about the crazy* adventures I get up to. (*not actually that crazy). I've been mixing an album for Jessica Grace that features the talents of people like Seb Rochford, Tom Herbert and the inimitable Terry Edwards. A pleasure to work on, really great performances from everyone involved. All of which means I can concentrate on the creative side of mixing rather than hacking at an audio jungle with an EQ until I can see daylight.
What else? Oh - the new Silvery album is now officially en route. A few more recording days then onto the mixing. Expect a whole new level of insanity.
To follow up on The Murder Barn single there have been new recordings started, the first to be fully recorded in the Barn itself which was great fun. Expect more on that soon.
And finally - The Fierce & The Dead are also planning our next record. Very excited as we have no idea what it will turn into until we get there. Just looking for a studio with good seperation then we're away. And on August 11th we'll be playing a show with the mighty Knifeworld at The Peel in Kingston, which we're very excited about.
Good stuff!