Monday, 6 December 2010

The Murder Barn

Hello all,

As i'm sure a lot of you are aware i've been playing bass with The Fierce & The Dead, alongside Matt Stevens and Stuart Marshall. And i'm sure a lot of you are aware that our debut album is in the works. It's been a real slog with this album - not because of the music but because of 'incidents' that have delayed the work. When the album is out I might tell the story in full but so far one, all or some of us have faced (and dealt/ are dealing with) being homeless, having babies, a best friend dying suddenly, severe mental illness (not ours), unemployment, slipped discs, various other severe illnesses and a laptop blowing up. To say it's been a bit out of control is an understatement.

Things seem on a more even keel now so it looks like the album will be released early next year. Thanks to everyone who has kept harassing us for updates! It helps, it honestly does. Nice to know that people are sticking with us. Oh, and it sounds fricking awesome.

Some of you may be unaware that i'm also the bass player in a 6 piece band called The Murder Barn (website on it's way, only a facebook page at the moment). I recorded the album for them and became good friends so when they ended up a bass player short I was asked to step in. It's been a very enjoyable experience and continues to be so. The album should be released shortly and gigs have been booked. Exciting times. We're playing at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town this coming Saturday (December 11th 2010) and it's the first time i've been on stage for a loooooong time. I'll be fine though right? If you want to know what you'd be getting involved in then have a listen here or on the player below.

Stone Cold Heart by The Murder Barn

I have to say that i'm really enjoying being a musician again. Whilst I love the process of making records and getting to be involved in the creative process of other peoples projects you really can't beat the feeling of playing in a good band with good people.

Hope some of you can make it to the gig. I'll be the one in a cheap suit with a massive beard.

I'm also quite chuffed to be mixing a few live tracks for The Duke Spirit in the next few weeks. Lovely people and they've got some cracking new tracks. I'll let you know when there's something to hear.