Friday, 6 February 2009

Snow Fun!!

What a crazy week! I've had three sessions canceled because of the damn snow. They couldn't get to the studio which you can't blame them for as the transport system in and around London shuts down at the sight of the first flake. It's just mad to think that the UK can't handle some snow. I know we don't get much but it really shouldn't be this much of a shock when it happens.

Anyway, rant over. This week I should have been recording rhythm tracks for Massimo and doing some more editing on Rachels vocals for Rory Forsyth but alas that wasn't to be. I did manage to finish the mixes for Lydia Lunch which was really enjoyable. Lydia had returned to Barcelona so it was just the other guys (James, Terry and Ian from Gallon Drunk who are acting as her backing band) and me. Nice and raw, and a great lesson in resisting the temptation to overmix.

Finished off the vocals for Steve from datapuddles solo outing. Really good stuff. Very cool bluegrass track as well which was good fun.

Last weekend I had the mighty Silvery back in tracking three more songs. A bit more straight pop this time, well as straight pop as these guys get!! They should be huge by now so go check them out and buy the album Silvery - Thunderer & Excelsior. I'm not on points so don't think i'm trying to hard sell it:)

Right, that's it from me today. Short and sweet. I'll be back with more when the snow stops and the clients can get in:)