Monday, 31 January 2011

How hard can it be????


How hard can it be to find someone who can play a recorder to a reasonable level?? Jessica Grace and myself have been searching for months for someone to track a recorder part for one of her songs. We have heard of someone through a couple of friends but can't quite pin him down yet. Any ideas anyone??

Looks like I may be doing some more mixing for The Fierce & The Dead this week too. Hurrah!

And in sad news, another irreplaceable talent has left us. John Barry R.I.P. So many iconic pieces of music from one man.


State of play

Hello all,

In general news i've been keeping myself busy by moving house, recording overdubs for Jess Grace's album, mixing tracks for The Duke Spirit, mastering tracks for The What?, recording madness with Matt Stevens, playing gigs and tweaking mixes with The Murder Barn and finally getting a new track released for The Fierce & The Dead (the instrumental band I play in). That track is called 'Flint' and you can hear it on Matt Steven's podcast series 'Sunday Free Noodle'. It's taken from our forthcoming album which is in the final tweaking stages so not too long now. Here's a picture from the tracking sessions for the album.

Oh, my car died and I had to get a new one. I've ended up with an estate car which makes me feel terribly grown up. I've also just done a complete redesign on my site CSS is fun, but occasionally you hit a snag. Unordered lists in multiple vertical columns anyone??

All good fun,